Who are the 9 Red Scabbards?

9 fourreaux rouges wano kuni one piece

The Red Scabbards are central characters of the Wano Arc in One Piece , carrying within them the will of Oden . Each of them has a unique story, exceptional skills, and a strong connection to the main story and Luffy. Let's discover them one by one.

9 red onigashima one piece sheaths


Kinemon , nicknamed the Flame Fox , is the charismatic leader of the Red Scabbards . Known for his ability to cut through flames, Kinemon is a samurai loyal to the ideals of Kozuki Oden. He met Luffy on Punk Hazard Island, becoming a trusted ally. His quest to overthrow Kaido and Orochi is the driving force behind the Wano Arc, making him a central character in Wano's fight for freedom. He is a sensitive character, undeniably devoted to his cause, and who possesses great values ​​of loyalty and friendship.

kinemon fox flame wano kuni

kinemon saber slice fire flame


Denjiro , one of the most mysterious samurai, impressed with his intelligence and unwavering loyalty to Oden. Under the identity of Kyoshiro , he protected Princess Hiyori, daughter Kozuki Toki and Kozuki Oden, and played a double game by serving Orochi. His revelation as Denjiro and his return to the Red Scabbards' side were landmark moments, highlighting his cunning and commitment to Oden's cause.

denjiro samurai oden wano kuni Denjiro in his real appearance.

denjiro aka kyoshiro orochi Denjiro practicing for Orochi under the name Kyoshiro.


Izo , originally from Wano, specifically Ringo Province, became a respected member of Whitebeard's crew, serving as commander of the 16th Division. Kikunojo's older brother, Izo returns to Wano for the final battle, showing his loyalty to his homeland and his brothers in arms. His atypical fighting style and his dedication to his comrades make him indispensable in the fight against Kaido.

izo samurai fight guernica

izo and kikunoko okiku wano


Kikunojo of the Spring Snows , known as O-Kiku, is a brave and skilled transgender samurai. She played a crucial role in the infiltration of Orochi's forces, protecting the secrets of the Red Scabbards with grace and strength. His determination to fight for justice and his personal story bring emotional depth to the Wano Arc. She becomes friends in particular with Luffy and Zoro at Tsuru's cafe, which strengthens their bond and their mutual trust on the battlefield.

okiku kikunojo samurai wano


Kanjuro , the traitorous artist, shocked all members of the Red Scabbards and their allies with his revelation as a spy for Orochi. His unique power to bring his drawings to life was used for nefarious purposes, betraying the trust of his comrades. Kanjuro's betrayal added a layer of complexity and tension to the plot, making the Wano Arc even more gripping. His fight was actually linked to the revenge of the Kurozumi clan from which he came.

kanjuro samurai oden wano Kanjuro, in his friendly role with the 9 Red Scabbards.

kurozumi kanjuro traitor traitor Kurozumi Kanjuro, after the revelation of his betrayal of the 9 Red Scabbards.


Raizo , or Raizo of the Mist , a skilled ninja from Wano, played a key role in protecting the Road Poneglyph on Zo. His ninjutsu techniques and loyalty to his comrades have been essential in several battles. His presence strengthened the alliance between Wano and Luffy's crew , especially during the battle on Zo Island against Kaido's crew.

Raizo Ninja Zo

Raizo of the Mist Oden Wano Kuni

Ashura Doji

Ashura Doji , also known as Shutenmaru , was once a feared bandit of the Kuri region before joining Oden. His raw strength and leadership among the outlaws of Wano was crucial in rallying additional forces against Kaido. His journey of redemption and his power in combat make him a vital pillar of the Red Scabbards .

ashura doji samurai kuri wano

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi , the leaders of the Mink tribe, have a shared past with Oden and a special bond with Luffy, whom they met in Zo. Their ability to transform into super-powered Sulong forms during the full moon was a major asset in the battle against Kaido. Their long-standing friendship and sibling rivalry add a unique dimension to their character.

inuarashi nekomamushi zo

inuarashi nekomamushi sulong form Nekomamushi and Inuarashi in Sulong form.


Kawamatsu , known as The Kappa, cheerful and loyal, played a vital role in protecting Hiyori after the fall of Oden. His unique fighting style, mixing humor and skill, brought a light but powerful touch to the arc. His unwavering loyalty to the Kozuki family and his friendship with the other Red Scabbards make him an endearing and respected character.

kawamatsu the kappa samurai

Together, the Red Scabbards form a diverse and powerful group, each bringing their own skills and stories to the rich adventure of the One Piece universe. Their fight for the freedom of Wano is a testimony to their courage, loyalty, and determination.

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