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Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge world of One Piece with our collection dedicated to Roronoa Zoro, the formidable swordsman of the Straw Hat crew. Each figurine illustrates the mastery and discipline of the bounty hunter who became Luffy's right-hand man. From the early days to legendary duels against the world's greatest foes, this collection traces Zoro's thrilling journey on his quest to become the greatest swordsman.

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The Epic of Roronoa Zoro Through Our Figurines

Immerse yourself in the complex world of Roronoa Zoro , the formidable three-saber swordsman of the Straw Hat crew. Our Zoro figure collection accurately captures his determination, unique fighting style, and evolution throughout the story arcs of One Piece .

Zoro's Origins

Zoro, from the village of Shimotsuki, dreamed of becoming the greatest swordsman in the world. Her dedication to this goal and her oath to her childhood friend Kuina are palpable in every figure, from her training days to her epic battles.

Combat Techniques and Legendary Swords

Admiring Zoro figurines means becoming familiar with his three-sword fighting techniques, his iconic moves like "Demon Slash (Oni Giri)" and "Sanzen Sekai", as well as his legendary swords like Shusui , Wado Ichimonji and Enma .

Zoro's Journey to the New World

Zoro isn't just a swordsman; he is an accomplished navigator who has crossed perilous seas and faced formidable adversaries, notably during the Dressrosa , Wano , and Onigashima arcs. Each figurine illustrates a facet of his prowess, whether it is his fight against Pica or his duel with Kamazo.


Zoro continues to pursue his dream while remaining alongside Luffy in his quest for One Piece . Our collection of figurines celebrates his heritage, his battles and his indomitable warrior spirit.