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10 things to know about Baggy the Clown

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10 Facts to Know About Buggy the Clown in One Piece

In the captivating world of One Piece , Buggy the Clown stands out as a character as colorful as he is controversial. One of Luffy's first enemies, he is a character who left his mark with his humorous and delirious presence! Here are ten essential facts about this eccentric pirate and his unique journey.

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1. First Steps in the Gol D. Roger Crew

Buggy 's pirate career began on the ship of the legendary Gol D. Roger , the Pirate King . It was a formative period where he developed his skills as a pirate, although he did not share the ambition for the One Piece as his captain. These historical beginnings add mystery to his character and many questions arise around his past.

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2. A Rivalry with Shanks

The tumultuous relationship between Buggy and Shanks Le Roux, another future great pirate, began in their youth. Indeed, it was particularly when Shanks saved Buggy from drowning that their relationship began to become turbulent. This rivalry, often comical, is actually characterized by Buggy 's jealousy of Shanks' growing success.

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3. The Power of Bara Bara no Mi

Buggy is the holder of the Bara Bara no Mi or Fruit of Fragmentation , a Devil Fruit which allows him to split his body into multiple parts. This ability grants him unique resistance to slashing attacks, often used in humorous ways in the story. It was actually Shanks Le Roux who made him eat this fruit by accident, thus granting this delusional power to Buggy.

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baggy the clown bara bara no mi

4. Forming Your Own Pirate Band

After Gold Roger's death, Buggy formed his own band called The Clown Crew . Despite his limitations in brute strength, his skill at manipulating others has allowed him to amass a dedicated crew. Although he appears severe, he remains attached to his men who worship him without limit!

baggy the clown crew

baggy the clown crew one piece

5. Escape from Impel Down and Alliance with Luffy

Perhaps one of the most notable moments in Buggy 's story is his imprisonment in Impel Down . Locked on Level 1, he easily got out of his cell using his power, since his handcuffs were not made of marine granite. However, his destiny takes an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with Luffy. Together, they form a tentative alliance, working together to orchestrate their escape. This unexpected alliance and successful escape contributed greatly to Buggy's growing fame, propelling him to prominence despite his often comical and clumsy role in these events.

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baggy and luffy quit impel down

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6. Key Role in the Marineford War

Buggy 's participation in the Marineford War was a turning point, unexpectedly placing him at the center of major events. His actions during the war increased his notoriety, despite his often unintentional role in the conflict. Just out of Impel Down where he was locked up as a prisoner, it was by joining forces with Luffy, present to save his brother Ace, that he was able to escape the impenetrable prison.

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7. Elevation to the Rank of Shichibukai

To everyone's surprise, Buggy was named Shichibukai or Grand Corsair after the Marineford War, a title given to powerful pirates acting under the auspices of the World Government. This appointment was an ironic recognition of his growing influence.

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8. Founding of the Cross Guild

Following the fall of Emperors Big Mom and Kaido, Buggy is named Emperor. This event marks a new chapter in his career. He is now part of the Cross Guild , a powerful alliance including the likes of Dracule Mihawk and Sir Crocodile. This organization demonstrates its ability to remain among the influential figures in the world of piracy. At the forefront, it now serves as strategic cover for the most powerful members.

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9. Comic Quest and Unsuspected Ambitions

Despite his clownish appearance and his escapades, Buggy has repeatedly demonstrated a keen sense of cunning. He knew how to use the ambiguity of his reputation to advance his own interests in the turbulent world of piracy. Coveting Captain John's mysterious treasure, Buggy nevertheless remains a character determined in his objectives and in his social ascension.

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10. A Fan Favorite

Over the course of the arcs, Buggy became a fan favorite, beloved for his humor and unexpected contributions to the plot. His evolution from a simple antagonist to a complex and nuanced character captivated One Piece audiences. Eiichiro Oda himself declares that Buggy the Clown is his favorite malicious character!

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