10 times Luffy came close to death

10 fois où Luffy a frôlé la mort

Monkey D. Luffy , the daring captain of the Straw Hat Pirates , has survived many deadly dangers during his adventures. These moments of extreme tension reveal not only his resilience, but also the team spirit and solidarity of his companions. Here's a detailed look at ten of those moments, listed in chronological order.

1. Sea rescue by Shanks

Luffy, still a child, almost drowned in the sea after being taken hostage by a sea monster. It was Shanks, the charismatic pirate, who saved him, losing his arm in the process. This defining moment not only forged his dream of becoming a pirate, but also marked the beginning of his extraordinary journey.

shanks saves luffy child at sea one piece

2. Beautiful Escape in Loguetown

In Loguetown, nicknamed the town of beginnings and endings, Luffy was nearly decapitated by Buggy the Clown . A providential lightning strike, interpreted as divine intervention, and the intervention of his crew, notably Dragon, allowed Luffy to narrowly escape death.

baggy the clown decapitates luffy loguetown one piece

3. Desert Duel against Crocodile

The fierce fight against Crocodile in Alabasta pushed Luffy to his limits. Gravely injured and exhausted, it was his unwavering determination and the unexpected help of Nico Robin that allowed him to survive and triumph, changing the destiny of the kingdom of Alabasta.

luffy near death vs crocodile fight alabasta

4. Frozen Confrontation with Aokiji

The meeting with Admiral Aokiji was a rude awakening for Luffy and his crew. Frozen and left for dead, it was thanks to the rapid intervention of his crew, notably Chopper, who provided the necessary medical care, that he was able to escape a tragic end.

iced luffy aokiji kuzan one piece

5. Poisoning at Impel Down

In Impel Down, Luffy was severely poisoned by Magellan. His survival was only possible thanks to the miraculous intervention of Ivankov, who administered a risky but life-saving treatment, allowing him to continue his quest to save his brother Ace.

luffy poisoned magellan impel down one piece

6. Brutal Showdown against Rob Lucci

The fight against Rob Lucci at Enies Lobby was one of the toughest for Luffy before the timeskip. Pushed to his limits, it was his desire to protect his friends and the determination of his crew, fighting alongside him, that gave him the strength to win.

monkeu d luffy vs rob lucci fight enies lobby one piece

7. Kuma's intervention at Thriller Bark

At Thriller Bark, the appearance of Bartholomew Kuma almost proved fatal for Luffy. It was Zoro who, in an act of heroic sacrifice, took Luffy's immense pain upon himself, saving him from certain death. This gesture strengthened the bonds and determination of the crew.

luffy vs bartholomew kuma thriller bark one piece

8. Tragedy at MarineFord

The Battle of MarineFord is a major turning point for Luffy. Not only was he seriously injured by Sakazuki, but he also almost died of grief after the tragic loss of his brother Ace. It was the intervention of Jinbe and other allies like the crew of the Heart, led by Trafalgar Law, who helped him overcome this ordeal.

luffy injured marineford sakasuki akainu one piece

ace death with luffy marineford sorrow one piece

9. Exhaustion in Dressrosa

In Dressrosa, heavy use of Gear Fourth exhausted Luffy. Unable to move for 10 minutes, it was Trafalgar Law and other allies like Rebecca and Viola who protected him, allowing him to recover and return to battle. This battle showed Luffy's physical limits and the importance of helping each other.

luffy saved dressrosa gear fourth rebecca law viola

10. Deadly Confrontations against Kaido

Facing Kaido, Luffy experienced critical moments. He was saved from drowning by the crew of the Heart and came close to death against CP0 before reaching Gear Fifth, a decisive turning point in their epic battle. These trials demonstrated Luffy's resilience and growth as a pirate.

luffy drowns kaido onigashima one piece

luffy vs kaido vs guernica cp0 one piece onigashima

Click here to know all the secrets of Luffy's triumph against Kaido, notably thanks to the awakening of Gear Fifth.

These moments of mortal danger not only tested Luffy's limits, but also strengthened his character and his determination to become the Pirate King.

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