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The best One Piece fights: Sanji vs Queen

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How Sanji Beats Queen: Summary of an Epic Fight

The fight between Sanji and Queen , also called "Queen The Pandemic" and member of the 3 Calamities of the Hundred Beast Pirates of Kaido , is one of the most grandiose and most anticipated clashes, especially in episode 1061 . This battle, which takes place during the tumultuous Battle of Onigashima, captivated fans thanks to its exceptional staging and the quality of the animation by Toei Animation.

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The Duel Between Sanji and Queen

The confrontation between Sanji and Queen stands out as one of the best episodes of the series. This epic duel combines visual splendor with intense storytelling, reflecting the force of nature of these two powerful combatants.

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Sanji: A Clean Speed

Sanji, known for his superhuman speed, confronts Queen without using his Raid Suit, as a sign of rejecting Germa 66's legacy.

sanji throw raid suit onigashima

This fight highlights his internal conflict and his determination to stand out using his own skills and abilities. This move highlights his strength and independence, with Queen himself amazed by Sanji's speed and sheer agility.

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Fight Details: Sanji vs. Queen

The intense fight between Sanji and Queen spans several episodes, culminating in One Piece Episode 1061 . Throughout this confrontation, both fighters deploy an impressive arsenal of techniques and strategies. Sanji uses his famous Diable Jambe, Ifrit Jambe or Diable Jambe: Hell Memories kicks at high speed and his mastery of Haki.
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He also uses, and for the very first time, his technique Beef Burst , fatal blow to one's opponent.

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Queen , for her part, cyborg engineer of the Hundred Beasts crew, uses a combination of powerful attacks like Brachiojaurus or Brachio Launcher and high-tech gadgets.

queen zoan devil fruit brachiosaurus

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The Motivations of the Protagonists

Sanji, driven by his commitment to his crew and his captain Monkey D. Luffy but also his desire to protect those he loves, faces Queen, whose motivations are fueled by loyalty to Kaido and the desire to prove his strength within the crew. This duel is marked by spectacular attacks from both sides, notably Sanji's powerful kicks and Queen's surprising transformations. due to its Ancient Zoan type Devil Fruit Ryu Ryu no Mi, Brachiosaurus model or Brachiosaurus type Dinosaur Fruit . The battle is intense and strategic, reflecting the depth of combat skills and determination of both opponents.

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Difference Between Manga and Anime

In the One Piece manga, Sanji 's invisibility is more concretely realized, which is closer to his childhood dream of acquiring the Invisibility Fruit, revealed during the Punk Hazard Arc . In the anime, Sanji 's rapid movements remain visually perceptible to viewers. This choice could be due to animation reasons or to maintain visual consistency. However, the manga offers a perspective truer to Sanji's original ambition.

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An Incredibly Lively Fight

The quality of the animation during this duel was praised for taking the story to new heights. The chase and Sanji 's ultimate attack on Queen were superbly executed, providing viewers with an unforgettable visual spectacle.

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Conclusion: Sanji's Triumphant Victory

The fight between Sanji and Queen ends in a triumphant victory for Sanji, marking a defining moment in the Battle of Onigashima arc. This victory is not only a testament to his strength and determination, but it also represents an important step in his evolution as a key member of the Straw Hat crew. Sanji 's victory over such a formidable opponent as Queen demonstrates his status as a premier fighter in the world of One Piece . This episode remains one of the most memorable and meaningful duels, highlighting Sanji 's ability to overcome thrilling challenges and triumph in the face of adversity.

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