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The Evolution of the Mugiwara: Before and After the Timeskip in One Piece

In the captivating world of the Japanese animated series One Piece , the two-year timeskip is a crucial milestone in the development of the main characters. This time jump not only changed the physical appearance of the Straw Hat crew members, but also deepened their mental and emotional development.

Wondering how old the members of the Straw Hat crew are? From Luffy, the fearless captain, to Brook, the mid-term musician, each member has undergone significant transformations. This article explores how these two years marked a turning point in their quest, examining the significant changes before and after this crucial period.

Background: Events at the Origin of the Ellipse

During the events of the War at the Summit, Luffy realizes that his level is not high enough to optimally protect his companions from the dangers of the New World. The consequences of the Battle of Marine Ford leading to the death of his brother Ace, Luffy emerges traumatized and discouraged by his lack of power. Back on Amazon Lily, Silvers Rayleigh then offers him intensive training in order to regain his confidence and significantly increase his combat skills. Luffy arranges to meet his companions two years later on the Sabaody Archipelago via the press.

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Monkey D. Luffy

Before the timeskip, Monkey D. Luffy, captain of the Straw Hat crew , was already known for his determination and daring. Physically, he has always been lean and agile, but after the timeskip, his musculature became noticeably stronger, reflecting his rigorous training on the island of Ruskaina under the tutelage of Silvers Rayleigh. This intensive training allowed him to master Haki and deepen the techniques of his Devil Fruit Hito Hito no Mi model Nika . This evolution played a crucial role in subsequent arcs, where Luffy demonstrated increased maturity and skill in more strategic fights and more complex challenges, most notably against Emperors Big Mom and Kaido. His training not only gave him new skills but also deepened his understanding of what it means to be a captain and leader.
monkey-d-luffy-skypiea-avant-ellipse-one-piece Luffy before the timeskip, 17 years old.

monkey-d-luffy-after-skip-prison-udon-wano-one-piece Luffy post-skip, 19 years old.

Roronoa Zoro

Before the timeskip, Roronoa Zoro was already a formidable swordsman, known for his determination and raw strength. Despite his many victories, he also experienced defeats, notably against Dracule Mihawk and Bartholomew Kuma, who sharpened his resolve to become the greatest swordsman in the world. The ellipse marks a decisive turning point in his journey. Under the teaching of Dracule Mihawk, Zoro underwent a notable physical transformation: the loss of his left eye. His intensive training allowed him to master Haki and develop new sword techniques, preparing him to face more complex challenges and formidable opponents in subsequent arcs, including the Dressrosa Arc and the Wano Arc , strengthening his role crucial within the Straw Hat crew .

roronoa-zoro-bounty-hunter-east-blue-avant-ellipse-one-piece Roronoa Zoro before the timeskip, 19 years old.

roronoa-zoro-post-ellipse-wano-kuni-one-piece Roronoa Zoro post-skip, 21 years old.


Before the Timeskip , Nami , the Straw Hat crew's navigator, was best known for her skills in cartography and weather strategy. His notable physical transformation after the timeskip was accompanied by a significant development in his combat abilities, notably thanks to the improvement of his Climate-Tact weapon, improved during his stay on the island of Weatheria. This evolution allowed him to take a more active role in battles, demonstrating increased skill at manipulating the weather to surprise and defeat his opponents in subsequent arcs.

nami-avant-ellipse-debut-one-piece-mugiwara Nami before the timeskip, 18 years old.

nami-post-skip-long-hair-girl-one-piece Nami post-skip, 20 years old.


Usopp, the crew's sniper, underwent a notable transformation after the timeskip in One Piece . Before, he was often seen as the weaker member physically and mentally, relying more on his ingenuity, his crazy stories and his gadgets. His stay on the Boing Archipelago allowed him to acquire more developed muscles and improve his shooting skills. This physical evolution, combined with his growing courage, made him a more competent fighter in the following arcs, able to stand up to increasingly formidable opponents, notably during the Dressrosa Arc where he managed to defeat the one of the most powerful and dangerous members of Doflamingo's crew, Sugar. It is also during this event that his Observation Haki manifests itself.

usopp-before-ellipse-transformation-one-piece-mugiwara Usopp before the timeskip, 17 years old.

usopp glow up post ellipse one piece Usopp post-skip, 19 years old.

Vinsmoke Sanji

Before Timeskip , Sanji, the Mugiwara's cook, was a seasoned fighter with his unique leg techniques. However, he also encountered limitations, particularly during confrontations with powerful opponents like Enel or Bartholomew Kuma. The Timeskip was a transformative time for Sanji. His training in the Kingdom of Kédétrav under the tutelage of Emporio Ivankov gave him significant gains in power and speed. These new skills and abilities were crucial in the post-skip arcs, allowing him to play a more strategic and diversified role in the clashes on Fish-Man Island or even Onigashima.

sanji-avant-ellipse-arc-baratie-cook-one-piece Sanji before the timeskip, 19 years old.

vinsmoke-sanji-post-ellipse-one-piece-mugiwara-glow-up Post-skip Sanji, 21 years old.

Tony Tony Chopper

Before the Timeskip , Tony Tony Chopper , the doctor of the Straw Hat crew, has been recognized since the beginning for his medical knowledge and his ability to transform thanks to his Devil Fruit Hito Hito no Mi or Fruit of the Human . However, his training on the Dézoizo Kingdom has improved his skills considerably. Not only has Chopper developed new forms of transformations, strengthening his combat versatility, but he has also expanded his medical expertise. These improvements were vital in the post-skip arcs, allowing him to play a more active and crucial role in the crew, both medically and combatively. Chopper notably participated in the rescue of the Minks, inhabitants of the island of Zo, victims of a toxic gas spread by Jack from Kaido's Hundred Beasts Crew.

tony-tony-chopper-avant-ellipse-cute-mugiwara Tony Tony Chopper before the timeskip, 15 years old.

tony-tony-chopper-post-ellipse-kawai-cute-mugiwara Tony Tony Chopper post-skip, 17 years old.

Nico Robin

Before the Timeskip in One Piece , Nico Robin was known for her caution and mystery, shaped by her difficult past. Physically slender and skilled, she has always used her Devil Fruit powers, the Hana Hana no Mi or Blooming Fruit , strategically. After his training at Tequila Wolf, Nico Robin not only refined his skills in archeology but also in combat, developing new applications of his Devil Fruit, notably his Demonio Flower attack against Black Maria which marked the Battle of Onigashima. The timeskip also marked a change in his attitude; she learned to trust her comrades more, which strengthened her role on the crew and in subsequent story arcs, where her confidence and expanded skills were essential.

nico-robin-avant-ellipse-enies-lobby-one-piece Nico Robin before the timeskip, 28 years old.

nico-robin-post-ellipse-mugiwara-girl-one-piece Nico Robin post-skip, 30 years old.


Franky, the cyborg carpenter of the Straw Hat crew, has undergone a remarkable evolution after the timeskip in One Piece . Previously, already a genius tinkerer with a partially mechanical body, he used his stay in Baldimore on the island of Karakuri to radically transform himself and study the technologies of scientist Vegapunk. Franky upgraded his own cyborg body, gaining strength and offensive capabilities, and developed new weapons and gadgets for the Thousand Sunny. These technological innovations strengthened his role in the crew's combat and perilous situations, making him an even more valuable asset in their post-timeskip adventures, notably in Dressrosa where he was in charge of destroying the toy factory of Doflamingo, valiantly confronting Senor Pink.

franky-avant-ellipse-cyborg-charpentier-water-7-one-piece Franky before the timeskip, 34 years old.

franky-cyborg-post-ellipse-robot-one-piece Franky post-skip, 36 years old.


Brook, the skeleton musician of the Straw Hat Pirates, also experienced notable changes after the timeskip in One Piece . Before Timeskip , he was already a talented swordsman and musician, but his training on Namakura Island greatly improved his musical and combat skills. This period allowed him to master new techniques, such as using music to hypnotize and weaken his enemies or his Cold Soul technique which allows him to take his soul out of his physical body to attack. Skills empowered with her Devil Fruit Yomi Yomi no Mi or Resurrection Fruit , played a key role in the challenges the crew faced in subsequent arcs, notably facing Big Mom in the Whole Cake Island Arc , demonstrating the importance of its evolution.

brook-skeleton-before-ellipse-one-piece Brook before the timeskip, 88 years old.

brook-soul-king-post-ellipse-one-piece Brook post-skip, 90 years old.

Special Mention: Jinbe

Jinbe, a newer member of the Straw Hat crew, joined the team after the timeskip. Before joining the crew, Jinbe was already an experienced fighter and high-ranking fishman. His experience as a former member of the Seven Great Corsairs and his mastery of fishman karate were already impressive. After joining the Mugiwara, Jinbe becomes the crew's helmsman. His experience and skills brought a new dimension to the group, particularly in underwater combat and strategic confrontations, demonstrating his crucial role in the adventures and battles that followed. He notably proved himself in Wano by overcoming the fire caused by Kanjuro. Jinbe maintains a strong bond with Luffy through his support of MarineFord and on Fishman Island where he shared his blood for Luffy to survive.

jinbe-fish-man-marineford-one-piece Jinbe before the timeskip, 44 years old.

jinbe-post-ellipse-mugiwara-wano-kuni-one-piece Jinbe post-skip, 46 years old.

Conclusion: A Journey of Evolution for the Mugiwara

The two-year timeskip in One Piece was not only a change in aesthetic for the Mugiwara, but a real coming of age. Each member of the crew has evolved, gaining maturity, skills and depth of character. These transformations symbolize their preparation for greater challenges and their renewed commitment to their quest for One Piece .

In addition to their personal growth, the Mugiwara's character development is beautifully rendered on screen thanks to the advancements in animation in One Piece . The move to a more sophisticated post-skip animation style helped showcase their physical changes and increased combat skills more impressively, enriching the visual experience for viewers.

mugiwara post ellipse one piece

The journey of Luffy and his crew continues to inspire and captivate, proving that the true treasure is the journey itself and the bonds forged along the way.

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