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Why is Nico Robin leaving the crew at Water 7?

Pourquoi Nico Robin quitte l'équipage à Water 7 ?

In the One Piece universe, the Water 7 arc is a dramatic turning point for the Straw Hats, particularly regarding the enigmatic character of Nico Robin . His sudden departure from the crew left fans with uncertainty and worry. This article explores the deeper motivations behind Robin 's decision and his path back to his friends.

The Threat of Government Organization

Robin leaves the crew after being threatened by CP9 , a secret World Government organization. She is forced to cooperate to protect her companions from certain death.

nico robin threatened wanted CP9 one piece enies lobby

The Burden of Secrecy

Carrying the weight of her past and the dangerous secrets she holds, Nico Robin chooses to isolate herself to save her friends, believing that her presence only puts them in danger.

nico robin fire ohara one piece drama

Sacrifice for Friends

Robin is willing to sacrifice everything for the crew, including her own freedom. His departure is an act of love, hoping that his absence will allow them to navigate safely.

nico robin leaves crew one piece enies lobby

Fear of Abandonment

Being used to betrayal and abandonment, Robin believes the crew would be better off without her. She underestimates the attachment and loyalty of her friends, who are ready to fight for her.

nico robin child one piece fear abandonment

The Quest for Lost History

As an archaeologist, Robin is the only living person capable of reading Poneglyphs. This ability makes her a target and a threat to the World Government, which wants to keep this information secret at all costs.

nico robin one piece reads poneglyph secret history century forgotten

The Desire to Protect History

Robin knows that his knowledge is valuable and dangerous. By distancing herself from the crew, she seeks to protect them from the forbidden truth she is pursuing.

nico robin enies lobby one piece leaves crew

The way back

Despite her departure, the love and determination of the Straw Hat crew brings her back. They refuse to abandon Robin, fighting against CP9 and the World Government to get her back.

save nico robin one piece mugiwara enies lobby

The Making of Robin

Faced with the unwavering affection of her friends, Robin realizes that she is not alone. She understands that her place is with them, no matter the dangers that entails.

mugiwara one piece nico robin return

nico robin mugiwara one piece nakama


Nico Robin 's departure during the Water 7 arc is a heartbreaking but powerful moment that highlights his complexity and loyalty. His triumphant return is a celebration of friendship and the strength of the human spirit among the Straw Hat crew .

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