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Why does Luffy have a scar under his eye?

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One of the most iconic features of Monkey D. Luffy , the hero of One Piece , is the scar located under his left eye. But where does this scar come from and what is its history? Let's find out together.

How did Luffy get his scar under his eye?

Luffy got this scar when he was still a child. In a daring attempt to show his courage to Red Shanks and his crew, young Luffy slashed himself under the eye with a knife.

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This reckless, although dangerous, action demonstrates Luffy's early determination to prove his worth and pursue his dream of becoming the Pirate King.

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The deeper meaning of Luffy's scar.

Besides the story of his origin, this scar is a reflection of Luffy's tenacity and indomitable spirit. She constantly reminds Shanks of his promise and represents his commitment to his ultimate dream. Every time we see Luffy overcome a challenge or face an opponent, this scar silently testifies to his resilience and determination.

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