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Why does Luffy make a fire in One Piece?

Pourquoi Luffy fait-il du feu dans One Piece ?

One Piece, the epic manga written by Eiichiro Oda, is full of mysteries and surprising powers. One of the most intriguing phenomena is that of Luffy, the protagonist, producing fire. But why is Luffy doing this? Let's dive into this fascinating aspect of the One Piece universe.

The nature of Gomu Gomu no Mi

Luffy's power comes from the devil fruit Gomu Gomu no Mi , which gives him the ability to stretch his body like rubber. Although it has nothing to do directly with fire, it is the combination of this ability with other techniques that produces this effect.

luffy eats the gum gum fruit one piece

The Gear Second

When Luffy uses the Gear Second , it increases his blood circulation, which heats his body. This heat combined with the friction of its rapid movements can produce sparks or even flames.

luffy one piece first gear second


Haki is a mysterious force that certain One Piece characters can master. When Luffy combines his Haki with his attacks, it can sometimes appear as if he is producing fire, although this is not literally the case.

Memorable fights

There were several moments in the manga where Luffy appeared to produce fire during his fights. These moments are often the result of a combination of his techniques and the environment around him.

The fight against Hody Jones

During his clash with Doflamingo, Luffy used a combination of Gear Fourth and Haki to deliver powerful attacks that appeared to be flaming.

luffy one piece first red hawk hody jones

Specific techniques

Luffy has developed specific techniques that use fire as the main element.

Red Hawk

The Red Hawk is an attack where Luffy combines Gear Second with his Haki. Inflating his arm, he strikes it with such speed and force that the air around him ignites, producing a powerful fiery attack.

luffy one piece red hawk wano kuni

Red Roc

The Red Roc is another powerful attack from Luffy. First used against Kaido, this technique sees Luffy combine Gear Fourth with his Haki to deliver a flaming punch of devastating power.

luffy one piece red roc kaido wano kuni


Luffy's ability to produce fire in One Piece is a mixture of his unique powers, Gum Gum Fruit and Haki, his techniques, and the circumstances of his fights. It's a perfect example of how Eiichiro Oda blends fact and fiction to create a captivating universe.

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