Why doesn't Zoro laugh anymore?

Pourquoi Zoro ne rit plus ?

The character of Roronoa Zoro in One Piece is often seen as becoming more serious throughout the arcs. However, this perception does not fully capture the complexity of his character. Zoro, despite the rising stakes, retains his sense of humor and moments of levity, particularly in the Wano arc and other post-skip moments.

zoro smile onigashima wano kuni one piece

Zoro's Perception of Seriousness

It's true that the stakes in One Piece have heightened, and with them, some characters have taken on a more serious tone. However, this doesn't mean that Zoro has lost his ability to laugh or enjoy light moments.

Zoro's Laughter in Key Moments

A striking example is when he finds Luffy in Wano. This moment shows a smiling Zoro , happy to find his captain. This demonstrates that, despite the challenges, his spirit remains steadfast and joyful.

zoro finds luffy wano kuni one piece

Zoro After the Timeskip

After the timeskip in the manga, Zoro became stronger and more focused on his goals. However, this did not eliminate his sense of humor. There have been several occasions where Zoro has shown his lighter side, even outside of fighting.

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Moments of Relaxation

Whether sharing a meal with the crew or reacting to the antics of Luffy and the others, Zoro had his share of laughs and smiles, proving that he is not always the stoic swordsman that some imagine him to be.

zoro always laughs one piece

roronoa zoro smile cheers one piece mugiwara

Concrete Examples in the Wano Arc

The Wano arc, rich in emotions and issues, offers several moments where Zoro lets out a smile or a laugh, particularly in the company of Yasuie in the village of Ebisu. These moments are precious, showing a Zoro true to himself, capable of finding joy even in the darkest moments.

zoro one piece ebisu yasuie wano kuni

roronoa zoro yasuie eibus wano kuni one piece

Laughter in Combat Situation

Even in combat, Zoro showed that he could appreciate a good challenge. His confident smile when facing a powerful opponent is a testament to his love of battle and adventure.

roronoa zoro one piece fight smile

zoro fight wano kuni smile one piece


In summary, the idea that Zoro no longer laughs is an oversimplification. Even with the evolution of the story and the stakes, Zoro remains a character capable of laughing and smiling, bringing a necessary balance to the gravity of the situations he faces.

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