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Top 10 Craziest Devil Fruits in One Piece - Part 2

kanjuro devil fruit demon dessin one piece

One Piece is full of extraordinary powers granted by Devil Fruits . In this second part, we explore ten other devil fruits that have struck fans with their originality and power.

1. Shiro Shiro no Mi (Capone Bege)

Capone "Gang" Bege, possessor of the Shiro Shiro no Mi or Castle Fruit, has the power to transform his body into a mobile fortress. This fruit allows him to store people and objects inside himself, creating a veritable hidden army ready for attack.

capone beige devil fruit demon castle one piece

2. Mochi Mochi no Mi (Charlotte Katakuri)

Charlotte Katakuri holds the Mochi Mochi no Mi, Mochi Fruit or Sticky Rice Fruit, giving her the ability to manipulate mochi, a sticky rice paste. This fruit gives him incredible versatility in combat, allowing him to create structures and change the shape of his body at will.

katakuri charlotte devil fruit demon mochi one piece

3. Hory Horu no Mi (Emporio Ivankov)

Emporio Ivankov uses the Horu Horu no Mi or Fruit of Hormones, which gives him the power to manipulate hormones, whether his own or those of others. This fruit allows him to change physical appearance, gender, and even increase physical abilities.

emporio ivankov devil fruit demon hormone one piece

4. Mato Mato no Mi (Vander Decken)

Vander Decken IX is known for his Mato Mato no Mi or Target Fruit, a unique fruit that allows him to mark any object or person as a target and ensure that anything he throws will infallibly hit them.

vander decken fruit demon in the bullseye one piece

5. Buku Buku no Mi (Charlotte Mont d’Or)

Charlotte Mont d'Or possesses the Book Book no Mi or Book Fruit, a devil fruit that allows her to manipulate and control books. He can lock people in books, creating literary prison worlds.

charlotte mont d'or devil fruit demon book one piece book

mont d'or imprisons luffy nami book whole cake island

6. Fude Fude no Mi (Kurozumi Kanjuro)

Kanjuro holds the Fude Fude no Mi or Brush Fruit, giving him the ability to bring anything he draws to life. His creations, while limited by his artistic skills, can be extremely useful in various situations.

kanjuro gif drawing bird fruit demon

7. Bisu Bisu no Mi (Charlotte Cracker)

Charlotte Cracker uses the Bisu Bisu no Mi or Biscuit Fruit, which allows her to create and manipulate biscuits at will. He can build biscuit soldiers and fortifications, making his defensive and offensive abilities very versatile.

charlotte cracker fruit demon biscuit whole cake island

8. Chiyu Chiyu no Mi (Manshelly)

Manshelly possesses the Chiyu Chiyu no Mi or Healing Fruit, a rare devil fruit that allows him to heal wounds. This power is extremely valuable, but its excessive use can be dangerous in itself.

manshelly tontata fruit demon healing one piece

9. Ato Ato no Mi (Jora)

Jora holds the Ato Ato no Mi or Fruit of Art, which allows her to transform anything she touches into art. While this may seem aesthetically pleasing, she can use this power offensively by distorting reality.

jora fruit demon art drawing whole cake island one piece

10. Memo Memo no Mi (Charlotte Pudding)

Charlotte Pudding uses the Memo Memo no Mi, Fruit of Memory or Fruit of Memories, giving her the power to manipulate people's memories. This fruit gives him a considerable advantage in espionage and psychological manipulation.

charlotte pudding removes memories fruit demon one piece whole cake

Each of these Devil Fruits brings a unique dimension to the One Piece universe, demonstrating Eiichiro Oda's limitless creativity in designing extraordinary powers.

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