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One Piece Premium Figure - Nightmare Luffy

One Piece Premium Figure - Nightmare Luffy

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  • Product Type: Figurine
  • Size (cm): 42
  • Material: PVC
  • Character: Luffy

Premium Figure - Nightmare Luffy

Experience Luffy's spectacular power like never before with the One Piece Premium Figure - Nightmare Luffy . This imposing 42 cm piece captures the essence of Luffy after absorbing the shadows of Moria in the Thriller Bark arc, a transformation that marked fans with its intensity and originality. The figure depicts Luffy in this super-powered state, with meticulous attention to every detail, from the bulging muscles to the fierce expression that characterizes his appearance as Nightmare Luffy.

An Iconic Moment from One Piece

This figure offers collectors the chance to own a frozen moment from one of Luffy's most breathtaking battles, highlighting the uniqueness of the Thriller Bark arc. With its impressive stature and the finesse of its construction, it presents itself as a dominant piece in any One Piece collection, attracting the eye and arousing interest for its originality.

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