How did Momonosuké become an adult?

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In the rich and complex universe of One Piece , the Wano Arc stands out for its dramatic moments and surprising revelations. One of the most notable events is the unexpected transformation of Momonosuké, the young heir of the country of Wano, into an adult. This article explores the context, the characters involved, and the reasons behind this astonishing transformation.

Wano Arc Background

The Wano Arc, set in the general time period of the One Piece anime, is a major turning point in the story. It focuses on the fight to free the country of Wano from the yoke of the antagonist Kaido and his ally, the nefarious Orochi. Momonosuké, as the son of the late Lord Oden, plays a crucial role in this battle.

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The Transformation of Momonosuké

Momonosuké 's transformation into an adult is an unexpected and significant event. This sudden change is made possible thanks to the use of an advanced technique of the Devil Fruit Juku Juku no Mi which could be translated as Fruit of Maturation , administered by Shinobu, a ninja allied to Luffy's crew. This decision is made in a moment of desperation, as the forces allied with Luffy are about to confront Kaido and his troops.

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The Characters Involved and the Process

Shinobu, thanks to his Devil Fruit which allows him to manipulate the age of things and people, is the key to this transformation. She uses her powers to age Momonosuké, taking him from childhood to adulthood in moments. This decision is made with the consent of Momonosuké, aware of the importance of his role in the coming battle.

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Reasons and Implications of Transformation

The decision to transform Momonosuké into an adult is motivated by several factors. First, as an adult, he is seen as a more credible leader to rally the people of Wano against Kaido.

Additionally, this transformation grants him increased physical strength, essential to face impending challenges. Finally, this symbolically represents the passing of the baton from the previous generation to the new one, embodied by Momonosuké.

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The Revelation of Kozuki Momonosuke as an Adult

A particularly poignant moment of the Wano Arc is the revelation of Kozuki Momonosuke as an adult and the new Shogun in front of his people. This moment is full of emotion and symbolism, marking a decisive turning point in the struggle for the liberation of Wano.

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When Momonosuke appears before the citizens of Wano in his new adult form, there is a mixture of surprise, disbelief, and admiration among the crowd. This transformation serves not only to strengthen his legitimacy as a leader, but also to bring back within them the hope and memories of his late father Kozuki Oden.

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The reaction of the Red Scabbards , his late father's faithful companions, is also significant. They see in him not only the reflection of his father, the great Oden, but also the hope of a better future for their country. This recognition from the Red Scabbards is crucial for Momonosuke, as it solidifies his position as the leading figure of the rebellion. This moment is a powerful reminder of the themes of legacy, courage, and the pursuit of justice that run throughout One Piece 's entire oeuvre.

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Momonosuké 's transformation into an adult in the Wano Arc is a key moment in One Piece , rich in emotions and meanings. It symbolizes the transition to adulthood, the assumption of responsibilities, and the continuity of the fight for freedom and justice in the tumultuous world of piracy.

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