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Why is Sanji “Only Alive” on his wanted poster?

Pourquoi Sanji "Only Alive" sur son avis de recherche ?

The mystery surrounding Sanji's wanted poster, marked "Only Alive" , has long intrigued One Piece fans. Let's discover the hidden reasons behind this unique feature.

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Sanji's Past

Sanji, the cook of the Straw Hat crew , has a complex past. Born into the powerful Vinsmoke family, he fled to escape a cruel fate. This leak left traces in his history, directly influencing the special mention on his wanted poster.

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The Vinsmoke Family and Germa 66

The Vinsmoke family, rulers of the Kingdom of Germa and the military organization Germa 66, are known for their power and influence. The "Only Alive" request on Sanji's wanted poster is directly linked to his membership in this influential family.

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Political Issues and Arranged Marriage

The special mention "Only Alive" on Sanji's wanted poster is closely linked to an arranged marriage orchestrated by his own family, the Vinsmoke. This marriage was planned between Sanji and Charlotte Pudding, the 35th daughter of the Charlotte family, led by the pirate empress Big Mom. This marriage was not a simple union between two individuals, but rather a calculated political strategy.

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The Vinsmoke, seeking to expand their influence and consolidate their power, saw this marriage as an opportunity to form an alliance with one of the four Pirate Emperors, Big Mom.

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This alliance would have potentially allowed the Vinsmoke family to rule North Blue with an iron fist. For the Vinsmoke, recovering Sanji alive was crucial to the success of this ambitious plan.

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The Consequences for Sanji

However, this marriage was far from an affair of the heart, and successive revelations led to tension and conflict. This single mention had a significant impact on Sanji. She revealed her hidden past to her companions and led to internal and external conflicts, influencing the course of her adventures.

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In conclusion, the "Only Alive" notice on Sanji's wanted poster is a key element that connects his past to his present, influencing the story arcs of One Piece and adding a layer of complexity to Sanji's character.

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