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Who are the essential members of the Navy?

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Dominant Navy Figures in One Piece

There Marine plays a crucial role in the world of One Piece , with influential members at every level of its hierarchy. This article presents the key figures of the Marine, from admirals to commanders, highlighting their origins, powers, and significant roles.

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Admirals Commander-in-Chief of the Navy

Ex-Admiral Commander-in-Chief Kong

Kong served as Admiral Commander in Chief during the era of Gol D. Roger before retiring. His strength and influence were crucial in the management of the Marine. He passed the torch to Sengoku, marking an important transition in the hierarchy. He is currently Commander of the World Government Armed Forces.

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Ex-Admiral Commander-in-Chief Sengoku

Sengoku, aka the "Buddha" , is known for his Devil's fruit Of type Zoan Mythical, the Hito Hito no Mi , or Fruit of the Human Buddha model . Recognized for his severe personality and his unwavering confidence in justice and the Government, he proved to be an important character, particularly during the revelation to the whole world of the link between Ace and Gol D. Roger. Following the War of Marineford, Sengoku announces his resignation, leaving his place to Akainu.

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Admiral Commander-in-Chief Sakazuki (Current)

Sakazuki, better known as Akainu , is the current Admiral Commander-in-Chief. His Devil Fruit, Magu Magu no Mi Or Magma Fruit , gives him the power to control lava. Known for his absolute justice and severity, he is one of the most feared and respected figures in the Navy. As evidenced by his actions at Marineford, he does not like people getting in his way and is ready to execute anyone who breaks the Government's rules.

Akainu Sakasuki Admiral Navy Chief One Piece


Former Admiral Aokiji

Kuzan, better known as Aokiji , possesses the Hie Hie no Mi or Frost Fruit , allowing him to create, control and become ice. After losing the battle for Commander-in-Chief against Akainu, he left the Navy. Known for his ideas of "cool justice" or "lazy justice", he displays a very personal and atypical conception of the power of the Navy. He is also credited with saving Nico Robin during the Ohara incidents. He is now going about his business, potentially preparing new strategies for the rest of his adventure.

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Fujitora Issho

Issho, better known as Fujitora, is a powerful admiral with a humane, reasonable and fair personality. He possesses the power of Zushi Zushi no Mi , or Gravity Fruit , allowing him to manipulate gravity. This man of great morality aspires to a world where justice would be more equitable and centered on the well-being of citizens. His power makes him a formidable adversary and defender of justice. Fujitora made himself blind to no longer witness the corruptions of the world, a choice that he will question at the end of the Dressrosa arc , regretting not being able to admire Luffy for his heroic acts.

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Kizaru Borsalino

Borsalino, known by his code name Kizaru, is famous for his speed and power, thanks to the Pika Pika no Mi , or Logia -type Luminescent Fruit giving him the power of light. He is able to move and attack at the speed of light, making his blows almost impossible to avoid. His relaxed demeanor masks ruthless efficiency and precision in combat. Main antagonist during the Sabaody arc , before the timeskip, he is the only one to retain his rank, thus continuing his mission within the Navy.

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Ryokugyu Aramaki

Aramaki, better known as Ryokugyu, is the newest admiral. Integrated at the same time as Fujitora, he only appears concretely at the end of the Wano Arc . Holder of the Mori Mori no Mi or Sylvo-Fruit , he embodies life and nature in the form of a giant tree, capable of giving or taking away life from what it touches. His status as admiral confirms his exceptional power. His presence adds significant intrigue and suspense to the Navy's current dynamics.

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Former Vice-Admiral Monkey D. Garp

Monkey D. Garp , nicknamed "The Hero of the Navy" , is a legendary and respected figure. Father of Monkey D. Dragon, grandfather of Monkey D. Luffy and adoptive grandfather of Ace, he is known for his exceptional physical strength and his powerful Weaponry Haki. Despite his high status, he always refused to become an admiral, particularly so as not to be directly subordinate to the celestial dragons. Garp is famous for his past confrontations with the former Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, and for his direct and sometimes unconventional approach to justice. He is currently a Navy instructor, training Kobby and Hermep.

monkey d garp ex vice admiral navy

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Former Vice-Admiral Vergo

Vergo, a former vice-admiral once considered a model of justice and dedication, revealed himself to be a double agent for Donquixote Doflamingo. His mastered use of Weaponry Haki and his ability to infiltrate the highest ranks of the Navy are testament to his skill and ingenuity. His betrayal had a profound impact on the perception of corruption and conflicts of interest within the Navy. Naturally condescending and suspicious, but sometimes airheaded, Vergo is ultimately defeated by Trafalgar Law in the Punk Hazard Arc .

vergo ex vice admiral navy punk hazard

Former Vice-Admiral Haguar D. Sauro

Haguar D. Sauro , a member of the Erbaf Giant Tribe, was a vice admiral respected for his strength and big heart. His act of disobedience to save Nico Robin and Olvia from Ohara, going against Navy orders, made history. Sauro tends to leave a legacy of compassion and true justice in a Navy often marked by rigid and murderous decisions.

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Vice-Admiral Tsuru

Tsuru, nicknamed "The Great Advisor", is known for her keen intellect and refined combat tactics. She possesses the power of the Woshu Woshu no Mi , or Laundry Fruit, allowing her to "wash" and "fold" people like clothes, effectively neutralizing their abilities. His wisdom and experience are invaluable assets to the Navy.

tsuru washu washu no mi navy

Vice-Admiral Momonga

Momonga is an imperturbable officer, characterized by his seriousness and his commitment to justice. His ability to remain calm under pressure and his skill in combat made him a respected member of the Navy. He plays a key role in various important missions such as Enies Lobby's Buster Call or escorting Boa Hancock to Impel Down.

vice admiral momonga impel down marine

Vice-Admiral Bastille

Bastille , known as "The Shark Slicer", recognizable by his imposing iron mask, is a strong and determined leader. His combat skills make him a formidable opponent. He is actively involved in the fight against piracy.

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Vice Admiral Smoker

Smoker, nicknamed "the White Hunter" , is a former colonel then rear admiral, promoted to the rank of vice admiral after the timeskip and known for his incessant pursuit of Monkey D. Luffy . Endowed with the power of the Moku Moku no Mi , or Smoke Fruit , a Logia -type Devil Fruit allowing him to create and control smoke, Smoker is only slightly interested in the concept of absolute justice and is distinguished by his personal convictions and his refusal to follow orders blindly. He is also notable for his skilled use of Weaponry Haki.

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Vice-Admiral Maynard

Maynard , known as "The Tracker" , is a vice-admiral renowned for his strength and integrity. He is also known as "Capman" as a participant in the Colosseum in an attempt to win the Mera Mera no Mi. Although less present in the main story, Maynard plays a crucial role in the Dressrosa arc , present to identify the criminals registered for the tournament. His commitment to justice and his courage in the face of danger distinguish him as a good Naval officer.

maynard vice admiral colosseum dressrosa

Deputy Admirals

Ex-Deputy Admiral X Drake

X Drake says "The Red Pavilion" is a character with an intriguing background in One Piece . The son of a former Navy officer turned pirate, X Drake left the Navy to lead his own crew, later affiliated with Kaido's Hundred Beast Crew. He holds the power of the Ryu Ryu no Mi model Allosaurus, an ancient Zoan type Devil Fruit. In Wano, his double agent status is exposed when he turns on Kaido, revealing his true allegiance to the Navy's secret elite SWORD unit and playing a key role in the climactic showdown of the Wano arc .

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Deputy Admiral Hina

Hina, nicknamed "The Iron Lady" or "Hina The Black Cage" , is known for her severity and her insight in the Navy. She possesses the power of Ori Ori no Mi , or Sequester Fruit, a Devil Fruit allowing her to hinder the movements of her enemies by chaining or imprisoning them instantly. Hina is respected for her keen sense of strategy and loyalty to Navy justice. Her pragmatic character and ability to make quick decisions make her a key figure among high-ranking officers.

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Ex-Colonel Morgan

Captain Morgan, also known as "Chopper Morgan", is a former Navy officer characterized by his right hand being replaced by a giant axe. Formerly in charge of the Shell Town Navy base, Morgan was quickly characterized by his cruelty and authoritarianism. His obsession with power and control ultimately led to his downfall, after he was knocked down by Monkey D. Luffy . His defeat marked Luffy's debut in his adventure as a pirate.

colonel morgan defeat romance dawn

Colonel Kobby

After his perilous adventures alongside Alvida, Kobby, who then began his journey as a modest sailor in the Navy, became Colonel and then Captain thanks to his determination and dedication. After a chance encounter with Monkey D. Luffy , Kobby finds inspiration to pursue his dreams. He possesses a natural talent for Observation Haki , and has shown impressive growth in skill and maturity. He is now part of the secret elite SWORD unit.

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Colonel Tashigi

Tashigi, a colonel and captain under Smoker's command, is noted for her expertise in swords and her passion for collecting them. His goal is to recover all high-grade swords from illegitimate hands. She is a skilled swordswoman with a strong sense of justice, often troubled by corruption and immoral actions within the Navy. Tashigi is also known for her striking resemblance to Zoro's childhood friend Kuina, which adds a personal and emotional dimension to her relationship with him.

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Lieutenant Colonels and Commanders

Ex-Lieutenant-Colonel and Commander Don Quichotte Rosinante alias Corazon

Don Quixote Rosinante , better known as Corazon, was the ex-lieutenant colonel and commander of the Navy, as well as the younger brother of Don Quixote Doflamingo . Known for his muteness born from his childhood trauma, Rosinante was in reality a Navy double agent charged with stopping his brother's diabolical madness. He possessed the power of the Nagi Nagi no Mi , or Mute Fruit, allowing him to create a zone of silence around him. Deeply endearing and caring, his sacrifice to protect Trafalgar Law left an indelible mark on the history of the Navy and One Piece .

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Commander Hermep

Commander Hermep is introduced alongside his father, ex-Colonel Morgan. Although his role is secondary in the story, Hermep initially presents himself as a clumsy, comical and unserious character. Subsequently promoted to the same title as Kobby, he will be under the teaching of Monkey D. Garp in order to climb the ranks of the Navy. Currently a Commander, and having become more serious, he is also part of the secret elite unit SWORD .

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Commander Fullbody

"Iron-Fisted" Fullbody, initially introduced as a lieutenant, is a Marine commander who serves under Hina, frequently alongside Jango. Known for his somewhat vain personality and interest in the high end, Fullbody brings a touch of lightness and humor to the series, while remaining a competent and dedicated officer.

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Commander Jango

Jango, the once-pirate hypnotist alongside Captain Kuro, joins the Navy and becomes a commander after being forgiven for his crimes. He is often seen with Fullbody, forming a comedy duo. Despite his eccentric ways, Jango is a strategic character and an entertaining addition to the Navy, bringing his unique talents of hypnosis in the service of justice.

jango marine commander hypnotist

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