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Everything you need to know about Rob Lucci in One Piece

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Rob Lucci , emblematic character of the One Piece universe, remains one of the most complex and fascinating antagonists of this Japanese manga. This article takes you to discover Lucci, from his origins within CP9 to his evolution into a powerful awakened user of his Devil Fruit .

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Identity and Personality of Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci made his first appearance during the Water 7 Arc as a carpenter working undercover at the Galley-La Company , before revealing his true identity as a member of CP9 , a secret organization serving the World Government.

rob lucci galley the company

Recognizable by his slim and muscular figure, his long black hair and his distinctive beard, Rob Lucci is a character with a mysterious and charismatic appearance. His tattoos on his arms and the scars on his back, forming the symbol of the World Government, bear witness to his tumultuous past and his allegiance.

rob lucci galley the company

Lucci adopts a clothing style that evolves over the course of the narrative arcs, going from the carpenter's outfit to the formality of a CP9 agent then to the elegance of CP0 after the timeskip.

rob lucci cp9 member
rob lucci cp9 one piece

His pet, a pigeon named Hattori, serves as an intermediary to communicate, revealing a unique method of hiding his true identity during his undercover mission.

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Beneath a calm and thoughtful facade, Lucci reveals an unwavering loyalty to the Government and a ruthless vision of justice, ready to eliminate any weakness in the name of peace. His ability to transform tension into motivation for his colleagues, while maintaining a certain emotional distance, underlines a sadistic temperament and remarkable tactical intelligence. Despite an apparent indifference, Lucci shows a form of respect and gratitude towards those he protects, revealing complex layers to his personality.

Role within Cipher Pol

Rob Lucci and CP9

Rob Lucci distinguished himself as a prodigy within the Cipher Pol , joining CP9 at the age of 13, an elite unit specializing in assassination and espionage on behalf of the World Government.

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rob lucci young one piece

His history within the CP9 is marked by key moments, notably his infiltration mission to Water 7 where, under the guise of a carpenter for the Galley-La Company, he carried out his research on the plans of the weapon ancient Pluto. His cover was blown during the dramatic confrontation with the Straw Hats at Enies Lobby, where his martial skills and mastery of Rokushiki or The Six Powers were brought to light.

Rob Lucci and CP0

After the events of Enies Lobby and a period of convalescence, Rob Lucci reappears as a member of Cipher Pol Aigis0 , more commonly known as CP0 , marking his rise within the ranks of Cipher Pol. This new position demonstrates his inestimable value as an agent, where he continues to serve the interests of the highest echelons of power. Within CP0, Lucci operates from the holy land of Marie-Joie, finding himself at the heart of political intrigue and large-scale missions aimed at protecting the secrets and exercising the will of the Celestial Dragons.

rob lucci cp0 dragon celeste

His presence at Dressrosa and during the Reverie underlines his crucial role in the management of crises directly affecting the global balance of power. Despite a controversial past and often brutal methods, Lucci remains a pillar of the Cipher Pol , ready to carry out any order to maintain peace and justice according to the precepts of the World Government.

The Six Powers or Rokushiki

In addition to these physical attributes and his impeccable martial arts techniques, Lucci 's mastery over his Devil Fruit allows him to best exploit the combat techniques of the Six Powers.

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Indeed, Rokushiki is a set of six special abilities accessible to Cipher Pol agents, including Folding or Kami-e , Moon Step or Geppo, Hurricane Foot or Rankyaku, Index Gun or Shigan, Incision or Soru and Metallium or Tekkai. His combat prowess, combined with his tactical intelligence solidified his reputation as one of the strongest and most feared members of CP9, and later CP0.

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The Devil Fruit by Rob Lucci

The Neko Neko no Mi , or Leopard Model Feline Fruit is a carnivorous Zoan -type Devil Fruit granting Rob Lucci the remarkable ability to transform into a leopard or a human-leopard hybrid form at will.

neko neko no mi one piece
rob lucci neko neko no mi one piece

His awakened form, recently revealed in the manga and in the anime in episode 1100 , is distinguished by the presence of plumes of smoke that we find on Luffy in Gear 5, Kaido or even Yamato. This transformation gives him a significant increase in his physical strength, speed, and senses, making him a formidable opponent in close combat.

rob lucci awakening devil fruit egghead
rob lucci neko neko no mi egghead
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Rob Lucci's Iconic Attacks

  • Kamisori or Razor : By combining Geppo or Moon Step and Soru or Incision, Lucci moves zigzag in the air at crazy speed allowing him to also pass through his enemies or dodge an attack.
rob lucci kamisori
  • Rankyaku: Hyobi : Rob Lucci creates a large Rankyaku or Hurricane Foot in the shape of a whirlwind which he throws at his enemy. This attack has the effect of a razor blade capable of sending the opponent into the air or considerably damaging their body.

rob lucci rankyaku hyobi

  • Tekkai Utsugi : Rob Lucci uses Tekkai or Metallium to counter an attack and transfer damage to his opponent.
rob lucci metallium tekkai utsugi
  • Tobu Shigan Bachi : Similar to Rankyaku, this technique is an improvement allowing you to pierce Luffy's rubber body. It was notably used during their fight at Enies Lobby.
rob lucci tobu shigan bachi
  • Sai Dai Rin: Rokuogan : This technique is used by Lucci when he is in his hybrid form. The advantage his tail gives him allows him to hold his opponent in order to deliver a critical blow like Rankyaku.
rob lucci dai sai rin

Awakened Attacks

  • Main Gun : This is a more powerful version of the Index Gun since Rob Lucci uses all five fingers of his hand. This technique was revealed in episode 1100 of the anime to defeat Sentomaru.
rob lucci hand gun sentomaru

A Recurring Antagonist

Despite his defeat at Enies Lobby, Lucci continues to play a role in the universe of One Piece , reappearing within CP0 in Dressrosa, Reverie or even Wano, until finding him on the island of Egghead, testifying to his continuing importance as an antagonist.

rob lucci luffy enies lobby
rob lucci dragon celeste reverie
rob lucci cp0 cipher pol aigis zero one piece

The complexity of Rob Lucci , oscillating between unwavering loyalty to the Government and his own interpretation of justice, makes him curious, fascinating and charismatic for One Piece fans.

The epic battle between Luffy Gear 5 and Rob Lucci in the anime represents a key moment in Eiichiro Oda's manga, depicting not only Luffy's growth and evolution as a pirate, but also Lucci 's comeback.

luffy gear 5 vs rob lucci egghead

This long-awaited confrontation exceeds expectations, highlighting the new abilities acquired by Luffy thanks to his mysterious transformation into Gear 5, facing a Lucci more determined and ruthless than ever. While the fate of their previous quarrels finds a new battlefield on Egghead Island, this fight also symbolizes the incessant struggle between the freedom embodied by Luffy and the rigid order represented by Lucci. A clash that promises to mark a decisive turning point in the narrative arc, offering fans a memorable battle rich in animation, action and emotion.

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