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The 15 most beautiful landscapes in One Piece

Les 15 plus beaux paysages de One Piece

Explore the breathtaking universe of One Piece by discovering the 15 most beautiful landscapes crossed by Luffy and his crew. Each location is a living canvas, steeped in history and mystery, providing an unforgettable visual experience. Embark on this visual journey into the artistic grandeur of One Piece .

1. Flower Capital of Wano: The Brilliance of Cherry Trees

Located in the heart of Wano, this capital dazzles with the beauty of its cherry blossoms. Discovered during the Wano arc , it becomes the scene of major events involving Luffy, his crew and their allies during the battle against Kaido. The dancing cherry petals create a soft, welcoming atmosphere, and the traditional architecture adds a unique touch. The view of Mount Fuji and the rest of the island completes this landscape which will have left its mark.

capital of flowers wano one piece

capital of flowers wano kuni

2. Dressrosa Flower Field: The Brilliance of Sunflowers

Dressrosa reveals her field of flowers during the eponymous arc. Made up of thousands of fragrant and vibrant sunflowers, it houses in its basement the HQ of the anti-Doflamingo army made up of King Riku's royal forces. It is a place dear to Rebecca's heart that she went to with her mother as a child. It is also here that she will face Diamante, one of the members of Doflamingo's crew, for a bloody battle. This field brings sweetness, hope, and cheerfulness to this lively arc of emotions.

dressrosa flower field one piece

sunflower field rebecca dressrosa

dressrosa flower field landscape

3. Hakumai in Wano: The Gate to the Land of the Samurai

Hakumai, one of the main regions of Wano, and a former rebel rallying point is revealed during the Wano arc . Its typically Japanese architecture and landscape make it a serene place, which has experienced many twists and turns in the past, including the very first meeting of Orochi and Oden. Hakumai is made up of Habu Port and Mogura Port . The strategic location, surrounded by mountains and sea, makes it a picturesque and vital location in the narrative of One Piece .

port hakumai one piece wano

hakumai village wano one piece

4. Sabaody Archipelago: The Colorful Bubbles Show

The Sabaody Archipelago , located in the first half of the Grand Line , is a collection of mangroves that form a forest on the ocean. All the islets and what they contain work with bubbles, present only on the Sabaody Archipelago .

sabaody archipelago one piece

sabaody archipelago one piece

sabaody archipelago tree one piece

The latter contains unique places like Sabaody Park , a colorful amusement park, where Luffy's crew will make a short visit. The lush vegetation, the bubbles, the islands of trees make it a unique place of its kind and one of the most beautiful landscapes in One Piece.

sabaody park one piece

sabaody park archipelago one piece

5. Whale Forest in Zo: Natural Balance

The Whale Forest , discovered on Zo, is a natural wonder. The Minks established their habitat there. During the Zo arc , the forest plays a key role in the story, providing a lush setting and harmony between nature and the characters. The Whale Forest can be compared to a traditional tropical forest, with the only difference that a gigantic tree in the shape of a whale overlooks the city. This place remains one of the most beautiful in One Piece , as evidenced by Luffy's amazement at his first discovery.

whale forest island zo one piece

6. Skypiea: The Ancient City of Gold and the Ruins of Shandora

Skypiea, with its ancient City of Gold, known today as the Ruins of Shandora, is an 1,100-year-old work of celestial art. Introduced during the Skypiea Arc , it is an ancient city guarded by the Calgara tribe. Inspired by the Inca style, it was originally covered in gold and housed one of the Poneglyphs and a huge golden bell, attracting the desire of many pirates.

gold bell shandora skypiea

quote d or shandora one piece

shandora ruin skypiea

7. Ohara: The Forbidden Library

Ohara, revealed during the Enies Lobby Arc , is the home island of Nico Robin, home to a population composed primarily of scholarly archaeologists who were learning the history and meaning of the Poneglyphs. The city's tragic ruins bear the weight of history and destruction, following the Buster Call organized by the World Government to stop their activities. The contrast between the lost knowledge and the initially peaceful and serene landscape makes it a visually powerful location.

ohara one piece tree archaeologist

8. Water 7: The Aquatic City of Artisans

Water 7 , also called "The City on Water" and featured in the Water 7 arc and Enies Lobby , is an aquatic city of artisan sea carpenters. Inspired by the city of Venice in Italy, the canals, bridges and architecture create a picturesque, traditional and visually warm setting.

water 7 one piece landscape

The houses and buildings are separated by water corridors of several levels and travel within the city is by sea, by canoe. The adventures of the mugiwara reveal emotional conflicts, adding depth to the beauty of the city.

water 7 one piece venice italy

water 7 venice italy one piece

one piece water 7 luffy boat

9. Middle Forest: The Roots of Friendship

The Middle Forest , located between Mount Corvo and Gray Terminal is the forest in which Luffy grew up alongside Ace and Sabo. Renowned for being dangerous and home to wild and ferocious animals, it is a dense forest with abundant vegetation which keeps within it many memories of friendships, training, but also ruthless battles.

middle forest mont corvo one piece

10. Forest of Temptation at Whole Cake Island: Sweetness and Peril

The Forest of Temptation on Whole Cake Island is a sweet but perilous place. Discovered during the Whole Cake Island arc , it is the scene of encounters with Big Mom's Homies, objects or animals to whom she has given a soul. Giant cakes and sweets create a delicious visual atmosphere. Located near the capital Sweet City, on the Totto Land Archipelago, The Forest of Temptation is an entertaining, atypical and visually very attractive place! Gingerbread houses, a bridge made of cakes, and a river of fruit juice, so many deceptive delights for our Straw Hat crew!

forest of temptation whole cake island

forest of temptation whole cake island one piece

11. Sphinx Island: Birthplace of Whitebeard

Sphinx Island , is the birthplace of Edward Newgate, aka Whitebeard. It is a small island with a large mountain in its center. It takes its name from the fact that peaceful sphinxes are present on the island. This place is isolated, especially from the World Government, and seems to be a peaceful, although poor, place. It is here in particular that Marco The Phoenix will settle after the death of his captain Whitebeard and will become the main doctor and protector of the island.

sphinx island marco pheonix one piece

sphinx island birth white beard

12. Pangea Castle in Mary Geoise: The Seat of World Power

Pangea Castle , located in Mary Geoise, is the headquarters of the world government hosting the Reverie. Discovered in the Reverie arc , it overlooks Mary Geoise. Inspired by a Victorian architectural style, and in particular that of the Château de Chambord, its majestic facade and political influence make it a visually impressive and symbolic place.

pangaea castle one piece

pangee castle world government one piece

13. Flevance: The White City

Flevance, also called the White Town , is the home village of Trafalgar Law. Before its tragic history, Flevance was a place of unparalleled beauty. Gladius will also describe it as “rare, almost unreal beauty”. Introduced in the Dressrosa arc , the city bears the weight of tragedy, recognized for its Saturn White , the mineral at the origin of Saturn's illness which caused his downfall. Indeed, the earth, the vegetation, the architecture are immaculate, pure white. Assimilated to traditional Italian architecture, it can be compared to cities like Florence or Trani.

flevance trafalgar d water law one piece

flevance white city one piece

14. Village Syrup: The Serenity of Beginnings

Village Syrup , Usopp's native village, is a peaceful and pleasant village, where life is good. With significant vegetation, seaside cliffs and small, cozy homes, it is one of the most beautiful small villages in One Piece .

village syrup usopp one piece

village syrup one piece usopp

15. Fuschia Village: Luffy's Cradle

Fuschia Village , cradle of friendship and memories, is explored in the beginning of One Piece . Indeed, Fuschia is Luffy's native village, where his very first adventures as a pirate begin. It's also here that Luffy meets Shanks Le Roux, building the foundations of his goals as Pirate King! Bordered by the sea, overlooked by Mount Corvo, the Middle Forest and its famous windmills, it is a warm and welcoming village, although little known to the world.
village fuschia luffy one piece

village fuschia luffy one piece

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