What is the Sulong form in One Piece?

carrot sulong form one piece

Dive into the mysterious Mink transformation with the Sulong form in One Piece . This powerful metamorphosis, triggered by the full Moon, offers Minks formidable abilities in combat. Discover the secrets of this unique form and explore its fascinating origin within the Zo arc.

Enigmatic Origin of the Sulong Form

The Sulong form, enigmatic and powerful, has its origins in Zo . Minks, a unique humanoid animal race, can trigger this dramatic transformation by looking directly at the full Moon.

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The Unveiling in the Whole Cake Island Arc

While Luffy is stranded in the Mirror World with Charlotte Katakuri , his crew and ship, the Thousand Sunny, are surrounded by Big Mom's crew. It is Carrot who volunteers to transform into Sulong in order to slow their advance. Remembering Pedro's words assuring her that she would find her place and her role, she is convinced that this is the time to prove herself to help her friends.
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carrot shape sulong whole cake island

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Enraged by the actions of her enemy Daifuku, she will go so far as to destroy the rudders of the ships in order to prevent any further maneuvers or assaults on their part.

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Tired of her transformation, she is saved by Brook and brought back to the ship to return to her normal appearance and recover from her exploits.

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Distinguished Characters in Sulong Form

Carrot, Wanda, and the duo Inuarashi and Nekomamushi are among the Minks who have mastered the Sulong form, making them formidable assets in the fight against antagonistic powers. Their ability to trigger this transformation is a testament to their strength in battle and their deep connection to nature.

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Astral Circumstances

The Full Moon, a silent witness to many secrets in the world of One Piece , triggers the Sulong form. Minks, beneath its brilliance, reveal titanic strength, unleashing skills that go beyond the limits of their usual form. A Mink must contemplate the Moon for a certain time before reaching its complete transformation and the totality of its new energy resources.

carrot turns sulong one piece

The Effects of Transformation

The Sulong form grants Minks a significant increase in physical strength, agility, speed, and combat skills. It is an exhilarating sight to see these warriors don their finest white coats, lit by the glow of the full Moon. The bodies of Minks in Sulong form emit Electro, a powerful concentration of force that manifests in the form of lightning.

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Although the Sulong form allows Minks titanic feats in combat, it has some negative effects. Poorly controlled, the Sulong form can bring them back to their primitive animal instincts and make them lose their reason by destroying everything in their path.

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Prolonged exposure is also synonymous with great fatigue for them. They can decide to stop the process of the Sulong form by ceasing to expose themselves to the full Moon.

carrot sulong one piece

carrot sulong and wanda onigashima

Mastery and Variable Duration

Mastery of the Sulong form varies from Mink to Mink, affecting how long they can maintain this transformation. Some use it with disconcerting mastery, while others, like Pekoms for example, admit to not being completely familiar with this form.

Memorable Feats in Sulong Form

A notable moment comes in the Whole Cake Island arc , where Carrot, wielding the full power of the Sulong form, engages in fierce combat alongside Luffy and his crew against Big Mom's forces.

Later, in Wano, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi, members of the 9 Red Scabbards , as well as the Minks people will call on their Sulong forms to stand up to Kaido and Jack, former executioner of their native country.

mink sulong fight kaido onigashima

inuarashi fight jack wano

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