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The 20 Most Unusual Places in One Piece

lieu insolite one piece skypiea

Embark with Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat crew on an extraordinary adventure through the world of One Piece . Explore unique and fascinating places, discover unusual destinations filled with enigmas, eccentric characters and thrilling challenges.

1. The island of Kédétrav

Located in the Grand Line region, the island of Kédétrav, also nicknamed Rose Island becomes Sanji's refuge during the timeskip. It is home to a unique community, the Okamas, a people composed exclusively of men and animals in disguise. Sanji, seeking to perfect his culinary skills, finds an unexpected mentor on Kédétrav in Emporio Ivankov, the eccentric and powerful Queen of the island, to perfect his cooking and fighting techniques.

kedetrav island emporio ivankov

kedetrav sanji ellipse

2. Newkama Land – Impel Down Level 5.5

Also called The Prisoners' Secret Garden , Newkama Land is located between Level 5, Frozen Hell, and 6, Eternal Hell of Impel Down Prison . It is a secret and eccentric place, populated by Okamas , former prisoners who cross-dress and disguise themselves. Luffy finds himself in this unusual zone during his daring attempt to save his brother Ace. He will indeed be rescued by Bonclay and Emporio Ivanvok after having absorbed Magellan's poison. Newkama Land notably contains a cabaret, a café-restaurant. It is a place full of joy and cheerfulness, which contrasts sharply with the rest of the prison.

newkama land impel down


Perched atop a giant elephant named Zunesh, Zo Island is an extraordinary place located in the New World. Zo is an island home to an astonishing historic city, inhabited by the Mink Tribe, humanoid creatures with animal characteristics. The singularity of Zo lies in its unique ecosystem housing the famous Whale Forest, the Crow Village and the Fortress on the right side. Luffy and his crew stop there in search of samurai to help them reach Wano. There they meet Pedro, Carrot, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi , future allies in the upcoming battle against Kaido.
zo island zunesh one piece

zo whale drill

right flank fortress zo

4. The island of Skypiea

Above the Grand Line seas lies Skypiea, a sky island whose main entrance, Heaven's Gate, lies on the White Sea. The originality of Skypiea lies in its aerial location and its lush landscapes such as Upper Yard, Giant Jack, Angel Island and the Ruins of Shandora. Luffy and his crew discover Skypiea during their journey to the Grand Line, in search of the treasure of the ancient legendary city of gold. Key protagonists include Enel, the self-proclaimed god of the island, as well as locals like Gan Forr and Conis.

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skypiea celeste island one piece

shandora ruin skypiea

bell gold treasure skypiea

5. The Sea of ​​Clouds

Home to the island of Skypiea, the Sea of ​​Clouds is a unique atmospheric expanse of its kind, characterized by its clouds having the property of sea water. These clouds are less dense than water, so we sink more quickly there. , but Luffy and his crew sail there aboard the Merry.

sea ​​of ​​cloud one piece

6. Weatheria

Weatheria is an artificial sky island specializing in the study and manipulation of weather phenomena. She travels the world to gather information on the subject. Nami , the navigator of Luffy's crew, finds herself on Weatheria during the timeskip. Its originality lies in the advanced technologies linked to climate control and its idyllic landscapes. Nami's learning about meteorology, alongside the scientist Haredas, is the main issue for the rest of the Mugiwara adventures.

weatheria one piece

weatheria celeste island

weatheria nami ellipse

7. Fish-Man Island

Located at the bottom of the ocean, beneath the Red Line, Fishman Island is the home of mermaids and fishmen. Its originality lies in its diverse population and its underwater architecture. The issues center on the tense relations between the fishmen and humans, as well as the emancipation of the island, under the threat of Hody Jones. Luffy and his crew will meet King Neptune and Princess Shirahoshi, valuable allies in the hoped-for deliverance of the island.

ryugu palace king nepture one piece

fish man island one piece

forest marine island man fish

8. The Tontatta Kingdom

The Tontatta Kingdom is nestled beneath the island of Green Bit, an island located not far from Dressrosa. Its population, made up of Tontattas, small humanoid beings living in harmony with nature, makes it a totally unique place. Additionally, they communicate with animals and are skilled and quick in the field due to their small size. Luffy and his crew discover the Tontatta Kingdom during his stay in Dressrosa, seeking to free this nation oppressed by the schemes of Don Quixote Doflamingo.

tontatta kingdom nico robin

9. Amazon Lily

Located on Calm Belt, a perilous maritime zone, Amazon Lily is an island ruled by the seductive Empress Boa Hancock, populated exclusively by female warriors called the Kuja. It is hidden from the rest of the world by perpetual storms, the presence of numerous surrounding kingdoms and the presence of animal creatures that deter any attempt at intrusion. Luffy finds himself at Amazon Lily during the timeskip thanks to Bartholomew Kuma. The originality of the island lies in its appearance, its exclusively female population and the warrior strength of its inhabitants.

amazon lily island woman kuja

boa hancock family amazon lily

10. Ruskaina

Located in the Calm Belt region, the island of Ruskaina is a mysterious and exotic destination that Luffy explores during his period of intensive training after the Marineford War. This island is unique due to its varied landscapes, ranging from lush jungles to rugged mountains, providing an ideal environment for developing Luffy's combat skills. Above all, this island is subject to 48 different climates which change every week. Luffy travels to Ruskaina under the tutelage of Silvers Rayleigh, the right-hand man of the legendary Gol D. Roger.

ruskaina ellipse luffy rayleigh

11. The Boing Archipelago

Located on the Grand Line, the Boing Archipelago is made up of 4 living islands that look like carnivorous plants. Usopp is sent there during the timeskip to perfect his tricks and combat techniques. The uniqueness of the island on which Usopp is located lies in the Greenstone Wild Forest made up of fruit trees and edible plants used to attract sea monsters which will then be devoured by the central mouth. Finally, there is a heavenly place where you can eat in abundance, which will also make Usopp obese.

boing archipelago one piece

boing archipelago carnivore island one piece

usopp obese ellipse one piece

12. Punk Hazard

Located in the New World, Punk Hazard is an island with an extreme climate, divided between The Burning Lands and The Ice Lands , the result of the World Government's disastrous experiments with Caesar Clown. Luffy's crew arrives on Punk Hazard after receiving a distress call. The originality of Punk Hazard lies in its bipolar climate and the vestiges of past scientific experiments, notably in the Cesar Clown Research Institute . The stakes are high as the island is under the influence of this mad scientist who uses children as guinea pigs for his evil experiments.

punk hazard island one piece

punk hazard fire ice

13. Gray Terminal

Belonging to the Kingdom of Goa , Gray Terminal is a marginal lawless zone where those left behind by society live. Its originality lies in its striking contrast with the nobility above, highlighting social disparities, lack of hygiene, the proliferation of disease and banditry. It is here that Luffy, Ace and Sabo, the sworn brothers, find themselves in their quest for adventure and freedom. The dilapidated alleyways of Gray Terminal serve as the backdrop for the first interactions between Luffy, Ace, and Sabo, laying the foundation for their lifelong friendship.

gray terminal luffy one piece

14. Cactus Island

Cactus Island , located on the Grand Line road in Paradis, is an austere island that stands out for its vegetation composed mainly of giant cacti. These cactus mountains are covered with peaks that are actually tombstones of people who ventured onto the island and were executed by the bounty hunters of Baroque Works. Luffy's crew discovers this island by following the Log Pose, hoping to find supplies and information about their journey.
cactus island one piece baroque works

cactus island tomb baroque works

15. Enies Lobby.

Also called Judicial Island , Enies Lobby is a remote island located on one end of the Sea Current , home to the headquarters of CP9, a secret organization of the World Government. There is also the famous Point of Hesitation , intended to lead detainees to the Porte de la Justice . Luffy and his crew go to Enies Lobby to rescue Nico Robin , approached for his knowledge of ancient weapons. The originality of the island lies in its inaccessible, imposing and floating architecture.

enies lobby architecture one piece

enies lobby qg cp9

16. Impel Down

Impel Down is a gigantic prison located in the heart of Calm Belt, the sea infested with sea monsters. It is known for being the place where the most dangerous criminals in the world are locked up. Luffy ends up in Impel Down in order to save his brother, Portgas D. Ace, who has been captured by the Navy. The originality of this prison lies in its massive architecture and its different levels, each one more dangerous than the previous one. Accompanied by Jinbe and other unexpected allies, Luffy faces many challenges and adventures.

impel down architecture prison

impel down underwater prison one piece

impel down ice floor one piece

17. Reverse Mountain

Reverse Mountain is a unique location located at the entrance to the Grand Line, where the four seas, North Blue, East Blue, South Blue and West Blue converge due to reverse currents. What makes this mountain special is that you can navigate your way to the top instead of going down. This is the symbolic starting point of the adventure of Luffy and his crew in the Grand Line. A crucial step for any adventurer seeking to become the Pirate King , Luffy will notably meet the whale Laboon and Crocus, his guardian.

reverse mountain red line one piece

18. Sweet City

Sweet City , located on Whole Cake Island, is the capital of the Totto Land archipelago. This city is one of the five main regions of Whole Cake Island and stands out for its sweet architecture and buildings made of candy. The island is ruled by Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom. Luffy and his crew are there to save Sanji, requisitioned by two powers for an arranged marriage.

sweet city capital whole cake island

sweet city whole cake island totto land

sweet city whole cake big mom

19. Baltigo

Baltigo , nicknamed The White Land , is a mysterious island hidden on the Grand Line. Its uniqueness lies in its status as a secret lair for the Revolutionaries, led by Monkey D. Dragon. This strategic location serves as headquarters for planning actions against the World Government. Accidentally discovered by Jesus Burgess, a Blackbeard commander, its location was revealed to the world and the island was left in ruins.

baltigo gq revolutionary monkey d dragon

20. Little Garden

Little Garden , an island located on the Grand Line, is notable for its prehistoric wildlife and gigantic plants. Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures make it a unique and perilous place. Luffy and his crew arrive there by following the Log Pose, hoping to find clues to the next destination. There they meet Dorry and Brogy, two giants who have been fighting each other for decades. The island thus becomes the scene of epic battles, strengthening the bond between the members of the crew and marking a key moment in their adventure.

little garden island one piece

luffy little garden dinosaur

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