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Top 10 characters that are too often underestimated in One Piece

bonclay and luffy impel down

Immerse yourself in the world of One Piece through our selection of often underestimated characters! These valiant members have often been overlooked, but their heroic actions and unique powers place them among the most memorable. Find out how these characters defied expectations to become essential assets!

1. O-Tama

O-Tama , a young resident of Wano, uses the Devil Fruit Kibi Kibi no Mi or Millet Fruit to create millet balls capable of taming any animal or creature. Despite her young age and innocence, she showed courage by joining the quest to liberate Wano.

o tama wano kuni

His determination to protect his people and his crucial role in the battle against Kaido marked his heroic impact. Her power, as exhausting as it is, notably made it possible to rally members of the crew of over a hundred beasts to Luffy's cause, drastically reducing the numerical superiority of Kaido's workforce and raising the young O- to the rank of heroine. Tama .

o tama fight onigashima

2. Usopp

Usopp , sniper of Luffy's crew, is often underestimated due to his panicky fear of danger and his pessimistic side.

usopp afraid gif one piece

However, his fighting skills and acts of bravery, particularly at Dressrosa, proved his worth.

usopp haki observation perceptual fluid

usopp haki tir dressrosa

His defining moments include setting the World Government flag on fire at Enies Lobby, his survival on the Boing Archipelago , as well as his confrontation with one of Doflamingo's officers, Trébol, against whom he valiantly defended Leo and the others dwarves of the Tontatta Tribe , demonstrating his strength and dedication.

usopp shooting fire flag navy

usopp trebol fight dressrosa

3. Bonclay (Mr. 2)

Bonclay , or Mr. 2 , possesses the Devil Fruit Mane Mane no Mi which allows him to copy the appearances of people he touches. Bonclay is a transvestite character, wearing a singular appearance and the very original outfit of a broom dancer. Often underestimated due to his appearance, his sacrifices in Alabasta and Impel Down to save Luffy made an impression. Bonclay adds humanity, friendship, respect, and dedication to the work that made him a favorite character.

bonclay luffy fight impel down

bonclay sacrifice impel down

4. Chopper

Chopper, the crew's doctor, is often underestimated because of his cute, endearing side and his small size.

tony tony chopper cute one piece

The constant improvement of his powers from his Devil Fruit, Hito Hito no Mi human model , and his determination to perfect his medical skills showed him to be a trusted character within his crew. Using his Monster Point form in particular, he becomes a considerable asset alongside his companions.

chopper brulee fight whole cake island

chopper monster point perospero fight

His heroic moments as a doctor and fighter, notably at Whole Cake Island against Charlotte Brulée, Charlotte Perospero and Wano against Queen, reinforce his essential position in the crew.

5. Peter

Pedro , a mink jaguar met in Zo, is the captain of the Guardians of the Whale Forest . The latter showed great courage by sacrificing his life on Whole Cake Island to save his companions and give Luffy the chance to breathe new life into the country of Wano. His loyalty to the mugiwara cause has proven invaluable, both in combat and in his friendships.

pedro mink jaguar zo

pedro vs perospero sacrifice

6. Rebecca

Rebecca, gladiator and daughter of the famous warrior Kyros, was often underestimated by the Colosseum fighters for her girlish appearance and her lack of self-confidence.

rebecca woman gladiator colosseum

rebecca warrior woman one piece

However, she demonstrated her warrior strength on several occasions in Dressrosa by participating in the Corrida Colosseum tournament and protecting those close to her. She was also a valuable ally against Diamante, a high-ranking member of Doflamingo's crew, allowing Luffy to gain ground until victory.

rebecca diamonde fight dressrosa

7. Bartolomeo

Bartolomeo, an undisputed fan of Luffy, is often considered eccentric. His Devil Fruit Bari Bari no Mi, Fruit of the Barrier, and his loyalty to Luffy and his crew led him to considerable feats in protecting allies and annihilating enemies. Deeply inspired by the determination and strength of his idol, Bartolomeo did not let himself be defeated and participated in Dressrosa's victory.

bartolomeo fan luffy senpai

bartolomeo badass fight dressrosa

8. Shirahoshi

Shirahoshi, mermaid princess and daughter of King Neptune, has often been underestimated due to her great sensitivity and her fears of the outside world.

shirahoshi mermaid princess one piece

However, his power as Poseidon's ancient weapon and his inner strength were crucial, especially in the Fish-Man Island Arc. Constantly harassed by the pirate Vander Decken, she found herself forced to accept his proposals until finally allowing the destruction of the ship Noah which threatened to annihilate Fish-Man Island .

shirahoshi ancient weapon poseidon

9. Baggy The Clown

Buggy The Clown , often seen as a comical and colorful character, eventually rose in rank until he became one of the 4 Emperors of the Sea.

baggy the clown one piece

His rise in power and his interactions with other characters make him an underrated character in the eyes of many. The mystery that still hangs over his nomination to the rank of Emperor suggests a well-crafted strategy “with great fanfare”!

baggy the clown emperor cross guild

10. Kobby

Kobby, once a timid boy and a shy midshipman, has become a respected Navy vice admiral.

kobby child one piece

kobby glow up one piece

His progression shows how he may have been underestimated at the beginning of his journey, ultimately reaching his goals and his dream of joining the Navy. Despite having risen through the ranks, he remains a humble and modest character, full of empathy and intelligence.

His rise from Shells Town to vice admiral and his commitment to justice highlight his unexpected growth.

kobby vice admiral navy one piece

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