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Top 10 Unexpected Allies of Luffy in One Piece

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Welcome to our exploration of Luffy's 10 unexpected allies, characters who have evolved from formidable adversaries to powerful temporary allies or loyal companions. Let's find out how these unlikely alliances changed the course of One Piece history.

1. Fujitora

Issho, aka Fujitora, is a Navy admiral whose blindness does not mask his insight. Initially opposed to Luffy in Dressrosa, he questioned his own beliefs and ultimately gave Luffy a chance to escape during the Dressrosa Arc , marking a major turning point in the Navy's power dynamics.

fujitora issho with luffy dressrosa

issho fujitora with mugiwara

2. Germa 66

This powerful family led by Vinsmoke Judge, Sanji's father, was first introduced as a family of antagonists during the Whole Cake Island Arc . However, when they understood Luffy's true intentions, the members of Germa 66 lent a hand to the Straw Hat during the confrontation against Big Mom.

germa 66 big mom fight whole cake

3. Crocodile

Luffy's former sworn enemy in Alabasta, Sir Crocodile , the fearsome former Grand Corsair, proved to be a surprising ally during the war in Marineford. Their collaboration saved Ace from imminent execution.

crocodile fight mihawk marine ford

4. Baggy the Clown

Buggy The Clown , one of Luffy's first enemies, became an unexpected ally during the Impel Down Arc in which they temporarily teamed up to escape. Buggy was able to put aside his differences with Luffy to allow them to achieve their common goal.

baggy the clown luffy impel down

5. Cesar Clown

Cesar Clown , the mad scientist, was forced to collaborate with Luffy's crew the first time during the Zo Arc in which he uses his powers to absorb the gas spilled in the village. Under pressure from Sanji who threatens to crush his heart, he also helps Chopper make an antidote for the inhabitants. A second time, it is in the Whole Cake Island Arc that Cesar Clown collaborates with Capone Bege and Luffy's crew to defeat Big Mom and free Sanji.

cesar clown alliance capone beige whole cake

reunion capone bege luffy whole cake island

6. XDrake

In the Wano Arc , X Drake , then a member of Kaido's Hundred Beast Crew as Tobiroppo, is unmasked by Queen and then joins the allies for the battle against Kaido. Alongside Zoro in particular, he will fight to dismantle the enemy crew.

x drake zoro fight onigashima

7. The Warriors of the Colosseum

The Colosseum fighters, such as Rebecca, Bartolomeo, Cavendish, Hajrudin, Ellizabello II, Chinjao, Ideo and Sai were first competitors in the race for Mera Mera no Mi. After understanding Luffy's strength and noble intentions, they chose to side with him.

alliance colosseum luffy dressrosa

8. Capone Beige

Capone "Gang" Bege is the leader of the Fire Tank crew. Luffy's rival during the Whole Cake Island Arc , Capone Bege was initially one of the antagonists involved in the assassination of Big Mom. His daring plan aimed to eliminate the ruthless Empress. The alliance between Luffy and Capone Bege was formed at the heart of Big Mom's fortress, where their converging goals pushed them to cooperate. This alliance, although temporary, marked a memorable moment when sworn enemies had to unite to face a common enemy.

capone gang bege fight whole cake island

capone beige and luffy whole cake island

9. Octy (Hatchan)

Octy is an octopus fishman and former member of Arlong's crew. He later resumed his life outside of piracy by opening an octopus meatball stand on his ship in the Sabaody Islands. Octy was originally an enemy as a member of Arlong's crew who oppressed Nami's home village of Kokoyashi. However, despite initial hostilities, Octy showed a friendly side, most notably on Fish-Man Island against Hody Jones and the Sabaody Archipelago, helping Luffy and his crew pursue their goals.

hatchan octy takoyaki sabaody

hatchan octy sabaody mugiwara

10. Captain Kid and Trafalgar Law

Luffy's former rival in the New World, Eustass Kid joined the Allied Forces during the Wano Arc . Their collaboration aims to overthrow Kaido, demonstrating that even the fiercest rivals can become allies.

captain kid luffy prison udon wano

Initially introduced as a rival, Trafalgar Law eventually formed an alliance with Luffy beginning in the Punk Hazard Arc . Their partnership was crucial in the fight against Doflamingo and Kaido, laying the foundation for Luffy's exponential evolution.

trafalgar law doflamingo fight dressrosa

captain kid trafalgar law big mom fight

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